On Thursday, November 7, 2019, our student of X TJAT 2, Gilbert Christian Caesario Siburian had a chance to interview Miqdad Al Fatih, our former school student council leader of the 2018-2019 period.  Find out more about him on our Up Close & Personal interview session below.

Q: What do you think about School  Student Organization (OSIS)?

A: In my opinion, School Student Organization or OSIS we call it in Bahasa Indonesia, is one of the most important school communities as school students need an organization to accommodate their aspirations, talents, and suggestions.

Q: How important is this student’s school union?

A: Like I said on my first question’s answer, OSIS is a very important  school community which gives opportunities for students to experience the leadership and to encourage them to be in the school community relations. Back in 1970, when OSIS was not yet established, a lot of organizations were existed, some by school and some others by outsiders. The organizations which were established by outsiders were decreasing the loyalty of the students towards the school, so the government made OSIS to solve the problems.

Q: Do you think being the leader of the school organization is a big responsibility for you?

A: It is a very big responsibility. I have to gather all the things relating to the students. This is my first time being a leader in an organization. I have to take this responsibility well

Q: Did you find difficulties in managing all members of each unit in our school student organization?

A: Yes, there’s no perfection in everything. The main problem is just miss communication, but it is still reasonable.

Q: What are the things that should be fixed in our school student organization?

A: Vision. We have to synchronize our vision so that we can struggle in the same great spirit for our best achievements.

Q: How could you solve the problems of our school extra activities, especially those which are nearly left by their students?

A: It depends on the extras management. It is usually inactive extra curriculars don’t get along with the student council. They want to run alone. So that is the result.

Q:What programs which were successfully done during your leadership period?

A: A lot of works have been done like our school anniversary celebration, some of our programs which support our school’s improvements to the students’ discipline attitude and many more.

Q: Do you have any thoughts of how to be a great leader?

A: One thing: your life intention should be on the God’s path.” And one more  important thing, “We need to see everything from different perspective”. Great leaders never let their people hurt nor suffer. He or she will struggle at his or her best to make the people happy and feel secure.

Q: What is your impression of becoming the leader of our school student organization? And do you have any inputs or suggestions for the leader of the next period?

A: It’s quite hard yet fun. I learned a lot of things and get great experiences. The things that I’ve never found before. Don’t be rush, just chill out. Remember your God. As a good leader you need to understand a lot of people.

Q: What are your expectations on our school?

A: I hope it will be greater in the future. The students, the teachers and other parties will unite to accomplish the same  best goals for our beloved school. (M)

Miqdad Alfatih

Miqdad Alfatih

My name is Miqdad Al Fatih. I was born on April 20, 2002 in Indramayu. I have great interest in photography and videography. I am the student of SMK Telkom Bandung, majoring in Multimedia.

My motto is “Your life should give benefits to yourself as well as to the others.”