New Year Resolution | Seeking Happiness and Growth

As the title says, let’s discuss something about new year hope and resolution. Yet it may be common discussion to talk, I will add a few different things to talk about.

Do you remember all the things you have done in 2020? Then, ask yourself “Do all of them fulfil the purpose in my life?” It may be simple, but it is the fundamental things that you have to achieve at least once in your life. Most people express their “New Year Resolution” but most of them repeat their resolution in the following year, over and over again. It’s right to hope something we want to achieve. However, to achieve something without enough efforts to give will have nothing in result.

The happiness is the product of the expectation in pursuing the life. Whatever the people seek or do, they’ll always end up with the fulfilment of their happiness. Yet they ended up with the endless cycle in the pursuit of the happiness without let themselves to be satisfied. Rat Race, a film by Steve Cutts, portrays the story of rodents’ unrelenting quest for happiness and fulfilment. In the film, the rodents are continuously pursuing the happiness, including money, their opposite sex, or anything else that could satisfy themselves. But they actually never fulfil their needs. They are in the circle of consumerism. In the end, the rodents are portrayed to be trapped in the mousetrap or let’s say an office labor.

Happiness is the main reason for the people in pursuing anything. Yup, literally anything you could think of. However, the key of happiness is not from things that we obtain, but the accomplishment of our expectation.  Abraham Lincoln said “People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.” In other words, you can be happy if your mind is willing to be. Minds are playing important role in achieving the happiness.

You might have unpleasant or unlucky events that happened in 2020. But l do believe that 2020 was the year of growth. Allow yourself to learn through whatever life offers you as you build resilience from within. Let this be the year which you’ll finally realize that you are capable of doing great things if only you brave enough to try—to go beyond what you think you are capable of—and to be persistent in learning. Growth doesn’t have any limitation.

Thus, you’re limitless.

So, here’s a little message for you.

In 2021, seek contentment instead of pursuing happiness. Choose a steady growth over a short-term success. Focus on one thing instead of achieving many things. Quality times over packed schedules. Perseverance over speed. Acceptance over denial. Genuine loves over ambitions. Helping others over competitions. ⠀

We don’t need to be afraid.⠀

The more we fail, the more we learn.⠀

The more we hurt, the more we love. ⠀

This is the year of growth.⠀

This is the year of becoming the person you’re supposed to be.

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Yopi Yuda Febrian

Hello. I am Yopi Yuda Febrian. I have passion for philosophy and historical books. In my leisure time, I usually play online games after reading books.

My life motto is: “Do something you hate everyday.” Why? The reason is because we must  get used to doing something beyond our comfort in order to learn how to deal with the difficulties or such.