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What Are the Benefits of Electric Cars?

     In nowadays era, many automotive companies start to innovate their cars by making a new vehicle that utilizes renewable fuels, namely electrical energy. We can see it from the presence of ‘Nissan Leaf’ and ‘Honda Clarity Electric’, the two examples of electric cars made from Japan. There is also a company that is very ambitious in future technology called Tesla with a car named ‘Cybertruck’ as one of the world’s first electric-powered pickups. We call these innovations as Electric Vehicle. What are the benefits of using it? There is a lot you can get, especially its environmental friendliness.

     The poor level of air quality is becoming a major problem for our environment. There are many causes, one of which is the harmful gases produced by exhaust emissions that are not optimal. With electric vehicles, this certainly can be a solution. Electric cars do not have tailpipe emissions. Fewer emissions mean less air pollution, noise pollution, and make our environment healthier.

     There are many interesting features that we can get from electric vehicles. All electric vehicles can be connected to the network, not just your media tablet but almost the car itself. There is even an AI that will make it easier for us. An electric car can do many things, such as reading the emotions of the driver, let out a smooth silent vehicle sound, and of course, presenting the latest technology just like in the future. And personally, I think one of the best things only available in electric cars is the ‘Auto Pilot’ capability. It is really amazing, just by choosing your destination from the screen, this car can drive you to the destination by itself and you can also park this car automatically.

     In my opinion, the electric vehicle has a lot better design than the conventional one. It got that light or simple shape yet so futuristic. And, it is not only good at aesthetic perspective, but it is also a well-made safer structure. An electric car doesn’t need lots of engines, thus the remaining space can be used for durability optimization. That is the reason why I believe that the electric vehicle is more secure and can lower the risk for major fires and explosions.

     Many articles say using an electric car is way cheaper than the conventional one. But I strongly feel that it is not the same as what happened in our country, Indonesia. Here, the price of electric cars is about 70% more expensive than conventional cars. That happens because of Indonesia still import electric vehicles from other countries instead of developing their own local electric vehicles. The situation got worse when Indonesia do not have a Li-thium battery factory for their cars, so they also import most of the spare parts from others. Well, personally I do not think it is the right time to buy an electric vehicle, apart from the price. Another reason is the amount of charging stations is still a few and only available in some developed cities, so it is still not worth it. But of course, it is good for everyone who wants to experience the future and wants to reduce emissions to save the environment.

     To sum up, there are many benefits you can get from electric cars, or at least there are many aspects that electric cars do much better than conventional cars, from the safety aspect, design, cool features, and of course its environmental friendliness. Using an electric car is possible to make the world a better place. Even though the price is still very high, but if you are the type of person who is very enthusiast, just go for it!


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