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F r i e n d s h i p

Everyone will admit that friendship is necessary in life as the nature of human beings as social creatures. This will also be the students’ thoughts of what friendship is. Read what some of our students say about friendship.

Cheerish the Frienship

By Enrico Audrian A.

According to my opinion, friendship is the most beautiful thing that happens in our lives. It gives us the chance to care and to be cared. It mainly happens when we start to enter schools. Friendship needs to be there in our lives as without it, life would be felt empty, like a table without a chair, a paper without a pen or birds without their wings. Once friendship is linked, it’ll never betray you nor destroy you. Instead, it gives you a companion who will support and encourage you for a long time or probably a life time.

Everyone has their friendship, including me. I met my first best friend in Elementary School and then another one when I entered Junior High School. One of my best friends goes to the same school in Vocational High School with me, and according to my experience, I enjoy and cherish every moment I experience with them. It is such wonderful feeling.

The final point is that you need to cherish every moment with your best friend, respect their existence in your life as friendship is priceless. (E)

Friendship, Is There Something More Beautiful Than That?

By Mohammad Riz’q Nadhif

Friendship is generally known by many as the relationship between two or more persons. People would see friendship as just ‘plain relationship’ or just something like common connection to others. But is there something more than just ordinary relationship between people? Probably, it’s more than just relation because if we know someone but it is not as close as friends, it’s just called acquaintances not friendship.

In my opinion, friendship is based on respect because we all know that we respect our own friends. But it is not just plain respect, it also needs trust. I mean what kind of friendship without trust? It’s like having coconut without its fruit flesh. It’s unpleasant. What if there’s no respect in friendship? Well, if there’s no respect you can’t just trust someone. At this point it’s more of a foolery or a fake friendship.

In my experiences of making friends I can definitely tell if it’s true, plain and a so-called “friendship.” We people can feel and think. So, in this way, we actually ‘can’ tell what kind of relationship we’re having.

Last, in making friends you must aware and be careful because there are a lot of persons who want to use you instead of being your true friends. So, make sure that your friends are true and kind, not the fake ones. (M)

A Real Friend

By Araselly Agnes P.

True friendship has the meaning of embracing and complementing. When you feel happy, your friend will feel the same, too. Likewise, when you are sad, your friend will give his or her sympathy, help you find the solution and try to cheer you up. A true friend never leaves you whatever it takes.

Friendship is not about wealth and power, but togetherness and loyalty. Friendship is not taught at schools but I am sure you know the essence of it. Everyone in this world must need a true friendship. Unfortunately, not all people are lucky to get a such friendship. For those of you who have found the true one, the word probably can represent your feeling to a friend of yours.

Just as I said above that everyone in this world needs true friend. That’s what I feel, too. My best friend lives in Tulungagung which is so far from Bandung. I always remember we used to hang out, study together, gossiping. There is one moment I still remember until now. I had an accident near my friend’s house. I was blamed for being the cause of the accident. My friend came and defended me. I cried because I didn’t know what to do but she tried to calm me down.

We have fine memories, sad and happy ones. They are well kept in my memory. I am very glad that we still keep in touch until today.

In the end I can conclude that true friendship is never forgotten. It will be still remembered in our old times. It will always be embedded in our heart. Friendship cannot be replaced by anything. (A)


About them

Enrico Audrian A. is our former student of Multimedia major. He is planning to continue his study to Germany.

Mohammad Riz’q Nadhif is also our former Multimedia student. He was the student who got the highest score on TOEIC in his batch which was 840 last year. He is studying at Telkom University now.

Araselly Agnes P. is our former student from Access Network Engineering Program. She is studying at Udayana University now, majoring in Electrical Engineering.


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